cyber security innovators: orange polska (Poland)

Patrick Donegan, Principal Analyst, HardenStance, presents a case study, “Cyber Security Innovators: Orange Polska”


Upon reading this case study, you will learn:

Cyber Security Innovators Case Study

▪ By comparison with most incumbent telcos, Orange Polska is unusually well placed to be a cyber security leader in its national market.

▪ Orange Polska has found that SecBI’s Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) is capable of detecting banking and crypto-jacking malware, internal data exfiltration and other high-risk threats that the company’s other defenses couldn’t spot.

▪ Orange Polska has built up significant internal expertise deriving the high value security outcomes that can come from applying machine learning to NTA use cases.

▪ Less than a year into the deployment, Orange Polska’s focus is now turning to accelerating the automation of its responses to SecBI’s detection capabilities.

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