The Definitive Guide to XDR

What you need to know about real-world XDR strategies and deployments

What we have learned that you need to know

Fact: Current Threat Detection methods are not good enough. It takes too long to investigate and remediate complex threats, and too many fall through the cracks.

Reason: Too many security siloes. Too many alerts. Not enough threat intelligence.SecBI XDR Definitive Guide

Fact: Threat Response methods are too slow and not sufficiently effective. Too many complex threats go undetected and result in a breach.

Reason: Not enough security skills, automation and integration.

While Extended Detection and Response (XDR) is an emerging product category for many cyber security vendors, SecBI XDR is already providing a unified portfolio of critical security functions to make Threat Detection and Response highly accurate, simple and effective.

SecBI is working alongside CISOs and security teams to dramatically improve cybersecurity using XDR. In this paper we share our tips on how to choose the XDR solution that is right for your organization and avoid pitfalls.

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